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Dear customer,
As you are surely aware, our industry is still struggling with soaring container prices. Container carriers are announcing record profits and our entire industry is scrambling to find ways to cope with this new challenge.

The good news is that consumers are staying extremely interested in our sector, which is sure to benefit us all if supply keeps pace with demand.

In May 2021, we introduced our Temporary Container Surcharge (TCS) that moves with container prices. 
If container costs rise, TCS will move partially with them. This way both our company and yours can share the extra cost for keeping the supply chain open. And once container prices return to a more sustainable level, we promise that we will decrease the TCS accordingly.

When we had to determine our temporary container surcharge (TCS) in May, a contribution of 2.9% was somewhat feasible. And we paid the rest of the extra costs. Since then, it has become much more expensive and we are forced to increase to 6.9%. Applies to all orders received by us from 1 September.

This means that we will be forced to increase our TCS on orders placed from 1 September onwards to 6.9%.

In the coming months, we will continue to do our utmost best to supply our customers with superb, well-designed products with great value for money. In this manner, we hope to continue beautifying homes and offices while ensuring we have sufficient stock for you so you are able to satisfy your customers’ demand.
Kind regards,